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March 2016

  • Life

    The girl on the bus

    She gets on the bus, carrying a bag that appears to be a bit too heavy for her slight built. In her hand is a book — a purple book. She grabs the first…

  • Life

    Midlife crisis at thirty-two

    I think I’m experiencing a midlife crisis of some sort. Technically, I suppose I don’t qualify for ‘midlife’ just yet. But at 32, I am going through a struggle of sorts…

  • Life

    My fictional friend

    Books and I go a long way back. Starting from the age of 4 where I read fairy tales and moving on to Enid Blyton from when I was 6, books…

  • reach out

    Reach out

    When dark clouds hang above you And waking up is hard to do When all you want is to stay indoors To avoid people and forget your chores When your love…