The Month That Was

The month that was June 2015

The month that was June

June has been a whirlwind month. Sometimes overwhelming, sometimes great. As most of you know, I’ve been travelling since the 1st of June. I’ve literally found myself on the other side of the world and enjoyed exploring different cities. While blogging did take a backseat, I still managed to write about my travels.

I started my travels in San Francisco and enjoyed catching up with my friend N and my cousin A. After 4 days there, I made my way to Toronto where I met my sister after 3 years and my uncle and his family after 10. My parents joined us the day after I landed. I got to attend my sister’s graduation and also spend some time with family. My parents and I visited New York City which turned out to be a disappointment for me. Later, my family and I visited Quebec City {which I loved} and Montreal {which I enjoyed}. We also had trips to Niagara Falls and a side trip to Blue Mountain Village

Holidays have meant time for me to read and I managed to complete The Rosie Project, Stabbed Ego, a book of short stories and The Silkworm {review to come}. I am currently reading Tara Moss’ ‘The Fictional Woman‘.

Last Thursday, I came to Vancouver with my sister, went on a three-night trip to The Rockies and am going to Whistler tomorrow. I reckon I’ll be blogging about all these when I get back home to Sydney. I leave for home on Thursday evening {Friday morning Aussie time}.

I am looking forward to going home. I’ve missed Sydney, missed my cats, missed Mr Imperfect, missed the gym. I’ve missed home.

How was June for you? Can you believe that we are halfway through the year?! 

Do share!

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