The Month That Was

The month that was May 2015

By the time this post is published, I’ll hopefully be checking in and going through customs at the airport. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. I’m slowly starting to get excited but I think it’ll only ultimately hit me when I land in San Francisco.

In the mean time, let’s look back at May.

The month that was May

May was probably my most exhausting month by far. Given that it was the month before I went away on holidays for 6 weeks, work was crazy busy. I had to make sure all my clients were seen, some were discharged and plans were in place for when I was away. May was also the month when I had my assignments due for uni. There was one creative non-fiction piece and then, two short stories. I struggled with self-doubt as I wrote but in the end, I managed to finish what was required. I wondered how much of that self-doubt was also because mentally, I wasn’t feeling the best.

In May I struggled a lot with my mental health. Partly because I had a lot going on. But partly because of something else that triggered some deeper issues I have always had. It’s not the first time my mood has been impacted, but it has been a while. I did some things to help my mood like go for stand-up comedies, walks by the beach, attend the writer’s festival as well as games night with my friends. Mr Imperfect has been quite supportive through it all but let’s just say, my holidays have come at the right time. I need to get away. To clear my head. To figure out if I need to seek therapy when I get back. I’ve started to deal with things and seemed to have come around on that ‘something’ which triggered it all. But only time will tell just how much I’ve dealt with it.

Finally, I did have some happy posts too this month. I wrote a micro-poem on my two kitties {who I’m going to miss terribly when I’m away!} and also explored creativity and addressing self-doubt.

June is hopefully going to be a great month. I’m looking forward to seeing new countries and my family again. It’ll be great to see my sister graduate. And I get to meet my cousin and a friend in San Francisco too. Hopefully, it’s good for my mood. 🙂

While I will try to blog when I can, it will all depend on WiFi. You can still follow my adventures on Instagram, my Facebook Page or Twitter.

How was May for you?

Do share!

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