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When Russell Peters came to Sydney

russell peters sydney

On Saturday night, Mr Imperfect and I went to watch stand-up comedian Russell Peters perform live at Allphones arena, Sydney. I had bought the tickets as Mr Imperfect’s Christmas present. I was the one who introduced Mr Imperfect to Russell Peters. Just like me, he too fell in love with the politically incorrect ethnic jokes. Especially the famous ‘Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad’ by Peters’ father.

Our start to yesterday’s event was well, eventful. I remembered an email I’d received a couple of days before saying doors opened at 6. We got to the Olympic Park by 530ish and parked in a side street. As we decided to have something to eat at Oporto, I happened to look at the tickets again and realised I’d made a mistake. The show only started at 8:00. We basically had two hours to kill with not much to do around! So we ended up taking the train back to Mr Imperfect’s parents place and spent about an hour there catching up with his folks before heading back to the venue.

The support comedian was Gregg Rogell who was quite funny with his jokes about his dog and religion and living in New York. When Russell Peters took the stage, the full house erupted. He had a few off moments {in my opinion} when he targetted a few overweight people in the audience and made some fat jokes. He did target one skinny guy too. He was at his best when making ethnic jokes though. Indian doctors and IT nerds and Asians were his prime targets there. I think I find him all the more funny because I can relate to the whole Indian thing. He had some more good material on toilet etiquette in different cultures and countries {which again, I can relate to having lived in three different countries}.

Mr Imperfect enjoyed it but thought it was a tad too long. I agree that it was long, but I suppose we have to get our money’s worth. It was an enjoyable night but I do think I prefer the low-key stand-up comedies with either more comedians or one for a shorter time.

Here’s one of my favourite standup from Peters:

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