The Month That Was

The month that was February 2015

The month that was February

February has been an interesting month. I sometimes wonder if it seems busier because it’s the shortest month of the year and you try and cram the same amount of stuff you do during other months. It does speed by quickly though!

February was the month I signed up for FebFast and gave up alcohol and refined sugar for 28 days. I survived but not before I was a cranky bitch the week I was PMSing. Oh and I raised $500. I really appreciate the generosity of my friends and colleagues.

In February, I wrote about how the Partner and I survived Ikea. We now have two chairs which apparently our cats think is for them. I also realised this month that I really need to start letting some of my baggage go. It’s hard, but I know it’s doable! February also marked 10 years since I’ve been in Australia. Time has flown and Sydney is home.

My baby sister turned 26 this month {yes, I left just before her 16th birthday}. I wondered this month whether I was a stalker; in fact, whether as bloggers we can all sometimes become stalkers. With several other bloggers, I raised my voice to speak about compassion; something I think we have forgotten in this day and age. Thanks to a prompt, I also got to talk about my cats. While they feature heaps on my Instagram account, I don’t give them enough air time here! Uni started during the last week of this month and it made me realise how scary sharing my writing can be. But I am getting there. Slowly and steadily. Just as I am learning it’s ok to not be strong all the time.

Since returning from Tassie in January, I finally ventured out on my first hike this year. Yeah, I think the Overland track scarred me a wee bit! One thing that pissed me off big time this month was religion. It usually pisses me off but more so this month.

The first day of March has already begun with a bang. I attended a bloggers brunch which I’ll blog about tomorrow. Apart from that, March is looking busy with mainly uni work!

How was your February?

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