Brunch with Bloggers

A couple of weeks ago {or thereabouts}, a thread began on a blog group I am part of — Blog Chicks — about having a meetup here in Sydney. One of the bloggers, Charlotte, finally took the plunge and created an event to meet up for brunch on Saturday the 28th. After a few hiccups such as the initial location chosen not taking bookings and trying to choose whether a Saturday was better than a Sunday, the date was changed to Sunday, the 1st of March and the location was moved to Orto Trading Co. at Surry Hills.

My preference was a Sunday as I can sometimes work on a Saturday. When I looked at the list of bloggers who had said ‘Yes’, I realised I didn’t know any of them or their blogs. In other words, it was going to be one I’d have to suck it up and just meet people. While I no longer get as nervous as I used to, there was still a twinge of apprehension. Sunday morning though, I noticed that one of the bloggers who had previously RSVPed ‘Maybe’ was now definitely coming. Turns out, she’s the one I’ve mentioned kinda fangirling before. So yes, I was very excited that I’d finally be meeting Amy.

The brunch went quite well. There were 8 of us in the end — Charlotte, Amy, Laura, Nandita, Natalie, Jarka, Barbara and me. It was interesting how different we all were in terms of our professional backgrounds and yet, we all came together for one love, one passion — blogging.  Topics ranged from niche blogging to general blogging, using pseudonyms when blogging, blogging as a hobby, passion or business, designing blogs, and, of course, the monetary side of things.

Apart from that, it was just nice to meet some like-minded ladies. I found, for instance, one of them is a psychologist too. And of course, I know I share similar opinions to Amy on several issues {I wouldn’t be reading her blog if I didn’t!} Sometimes, it was just nice to put a face and a voice to a person.

So that’s how some of us spent the first day of autumn — a stinking hot one — just talking about blogging. Something non-bloggers don’t get.

Some pictures from the day:


Jarka, Laura and Amy


Barbara, Nandita and Natalie


Charlotte with me


Only a blogger understands taking pics of food


Group picture which ended up cutting out a few people!


Thanks again Charlotte for organising this! It was lovely to meet you all.

Until next time,


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