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A to Z Challenge 2015 Theme Reveal #atozchallenge

Last year, I participated in the A to Z Challenge for the very first time ever. It was an interesting experience which started off great but drained me by the end due to lack of scheduling posts and well, being busy with life at the same time. I did survive in the end but didn’t engage as much as I would have liked. The one thing that made it easier thoughΒ was having a theme. Without it, I think my exhaustion would have killed my creativity and well, nothing would have been written for some of those days. But because I had a plan, I was still able to squeeze my posts in at the scheduled time.

a to z 2015 theme reveal

For this year, I have decided on a theme and am keeping it short and sweet. And a bit funny. I hope. My A to Z Challenge 2015 Theme is:

The A to Z of Phobias in the form of limericks

I thought it would be amusing to write about unusual phobias and figured I could do it creatively by writing them in the form of a limerick. A limerick is a form of poetry written in 5 lines with a strict rhyme scheme of AABBA. As for a list of phobias, the internet is a great source for funny phobias such as the fear of Friday the 13th or the fear of bathing. I won’t be poking fun at more serious phobias, of course, {e.g. agoraphobia} but I think we can all agree that some other phobias are not as debilitating.

Are you participating in the A to Z Challenge this year? If you want to, you can still sign up for it.

A theme is not necessary, but it helps. If you are participating, have you got a theme? You can check out some other theme reveals while you write your own.

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