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March 2015

  • Out and About

    When Russell Peters came to Sydney

    On Saturday night, Mr Imperfect and I went to watch stand-up comedian Russell Peters perform live at Allphones arena, Sydney. I had bought the tickets as Mr Imperfect’s Christmas present. I…

  • Feminism Fodder

    Feminism Friday: We need a change

    I briefly mentioned in last week’s Feminism Friday about being disappointed that once again following the death of a woman, we were being advised to not walk in parks alone. It…

  • Poetry

    The Plan

    I see you look at me Suspicious of my smile I know you’d be happier On seeing me cry I try to act normal Unfazed by the black and blue Because…

  • Life

    The Unplanned Date

    Last week was a crazy week. Well, crazier than most weeks. I had planned to go camping on the weekend but then, on Thursday night when I got home from work,…