Love for all seasons


We met in the depths of winter
Our first date on the coldest of nights
The perfect season for red wines and dinners
‘twas the start of something special, all right

As our relationship moved into spring
We met friends and family, thus spreading our wings
With a weekend away in a house on the bay
Time spent together reading, kayaking or writing

The warmth of summer slowly crept upon us
Swims at the beach and soaking sunny days
You took our relationship to the next level
By later asking me to be your fiancée

As our first autumn together soon appears
I can predict one thing in this life
That come next year around this same season
We’ll most likely be husband and wife

We don’t need a day to show our love
And certainly don’t need gifts galore
It’s the little moments of love across all seasons
That’s the thing I truly adore

(c) Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life

Dedicated to my love who can make me laugh out loud, annoy me, debate with me, and love me. I love you babe!

***Written for Wordy Wednesday***


Until next time,


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