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February 2015

  • Writing

    Sharing your writing

    My second semester of uni started this week. I’m taking units in Freelance Writing {which is more about critical reviews} and Short Fiction Writing. Since commencing this course last year, I…

  • Life

    On unusual names

    I have spent most of my life spelling my name out for people. Yes, I am one of those people who has an unusually spelt name and it didn’t matter whether…

  • Life lessons

    On Compassion #1000speak

    We live in a world where we seem to have become desensitised. We hear of wars in countries far away and feel sorry for a moment, maybe a day. We read…

  • Kitty Kapers

    Cats as pets

    If you had told me ten years ago that I’d be the owner mum of two cats in the future, I would have laughed out loud. It’s because I have always…

  • Life lessons

    Staying strong can be tough

    I have always been the strong one, the responsible one. The one capable of meeting situations head on and coming out stronger on the other side. This was probably why my…

  • Life lessons

    The lines on my face

    Sometime last week I read an article about a woman in the UK who has refused to smile for 40 years so as to not get any wrinkles. And she’s right…