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Why I write


I’d noticed this blog hop about Why I Write doing the rounds across the world in the past few months and was quite excited to be part of it when Malinda from My Brown Paper Packages passed it on to me. It has taken me a while though to actually get down to writing it! But it’s finally here…


I am currently working on a number of things. I have just written a couple of short stories for the two units I completed at uni. While I have handed them in, I am taking a break and intend to go back and edit them further. I also have an idea for some short stories that have a unified theme but I’m still trying out my ideas and brainstorming my characters. With the blog, I continue to unleash my creativity as well as open up more and reveal more about myself. I have several posts in my drafts waiting to be completed and well, published on this space.

Finally, I am also trying my hand at coming up with ideas to pitch to magazines {both print and online}. I would love to do some freelance writing work but given that I have only had one publication so far, I’m still scouring magazines where I’d love to see my writing.


I’ll be perfectly honest when I say I don’t think very highly of my writing. I read a lot of writers and I am in awe of them. Bloggers as well as students I’m going to uni with. I find I compare myself to them very often. But in the end, I need my writing to be my own. I need my voice to be my own. And the only way that can come across is if I write about something I’m passionate about. I guess the only way it differs from others is that it’s my voice, it’s about what I want to say.


The million dollar question. Why do I write? Because I have a lot to say. I write this blog because I have a lot of opinions and a lot of stuff to share. I write short stories because I like to comment on issues in a creative way. I write poetry because I feel and experience things I can’t actually say sometimes and have to put it down in writing. I write because sometimes, it’s the best way I can express myself.

I think we all have a story to tell. Maybe more. I know I do. Whether they will ever see the light of day in terms of a large audience, I don’t know. Whether I will ever be published, I have no clue. But I do know one thing — I will continue to write. Because it is therapeutic and it helps me view the world in a different way. It’s funny that as I am writing this response, I have no idea if I am making much sense. Writing is a process. And it just works for me.


I notice that when I write poetry, it is an organic process. Once I have an idea, the words just seem to flow. On the other hand, with stories, while I have ideas, I still need to jot down a few points to get an outline at the very least. And then just write. Recently, for one of my short stories for uni, I made use of cards on which I wrote characters, short descriptions, major themes, and the different scenes I wanted. And then, I just wrote for a couple of hours around that. It flowed. Until I got to the end and well, got stuck. But workshopping it at uni with classmates helped. With blog posts, I occasionally think about what I want to write about but generally, if I have a topic, I can ramble on about it. I make sure I carry a notebook with me at all times. I jot down ideas in that as well as on my phone. That way, I have my ideas all the time. And then, just have to write.

So tell me dear readers, who I know are also writers yourselves, why do you write? 

Please feel free to take on this blog hop and do leave a link so I can read your writing story.

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