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Proudest Moments

This week at The Lounge, we are discussing our proudest moments. In no particular order, these are mine.


1. Coming to Australia on my own at 21: I think I underplayed this but everyone I meet, seems to think I’m brave for moving countries on my own. The fact that I don’t have any family here apparently is a big deal. I guess for me, I was, and am, proud that I was able to pursue my dreams.

2. Buying my unit: This was a huge deal for me! At 25, I was able to break into the property market with a bit of good fortune. And now, 5 years on, I still love my unit. I love the area I live in — being 10 minutes from the beach and about 20 minutes from a beautiful national park, I feel so very fortunate. And each day, as I drive across the bridge, I remember just how grateful I am to be living in this part of Sydney.

3. Getting published: Having my very first article published in a camping magazine was a very proud moment. I was so stoked I even had to write about it!

4. Getting out of my comfort zone: This was my motto in 2013 and I was so proud of myself for well and truly getting out of my comfort zone and in the process, meeting new people, making new friends, having new adventures and well, becoming a new me. If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And I am currently oh-so-happy and content with life.

5. Seeking therapy: Last year, when I was burnt out and not coping well, I finally faced up to the fact that I, a psychologist, needed to seek  therapy. It was a hard thing to do but I made that call and in the end, it was one of the best things I could have done for myself. It helped me cope better, I felt validated and most importantly, it made me a better therapist.

So what are your proudest moments?

Do share!

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