For five days a week
He caught the same train
Just ten after three
Be it sunshine, wind or rain

Going home yesterday
He was lost in his thoughts
Left school early at two
Seemingly out of sorts

He didn’t wave to the grocer
Did not acknowledge the dog
Bypassed the smiling stranger
While reliving all he’d lost

He remembered the harsh words
The taunts by his peers each day
Not much changed when he got home
Here, his family made him pay

‘You good for nothing loser’
‘You fat bastard’ they said
‘Why do you do this to us?’
‘You’ll be better off dead’

The words became incessant
They wouldn’t escape his head
The closer he got to the station
The more he was filled with dread

As he waited for his train
He knew he was no good
Nothing he did was right,
And succeed, he never would

There was but just one thing left
One way to stop the taunts
He heard the rumbling of the train
As it sauntered onto the platform

A split second decision
He stepped in front of the yellow line
Ignoring the announcement, he jumped
Right onto the oncoming engine

The driver saw him tip off the edge
Tried slamming on the brakes
The screech and thud that ensued
Meant the kid hadn’t made a mistake

The shrieks were loud
There were several tears
The driver in shock
As were the passengers

The police came to the bloody scene
They found his backpack crushed
Under the train lay a mangled boy
Who ended his life in a rush

(c) Sanch – Living my Imperfect Life

photo credit: betta design via photopin cc

***Author’s note: As I was getting back home yesterday evening, there were major delays on the train line due a fatality at one of the stations where someone got hit by a train around 2:15 p.m. It broke my heart — for the person whose life ended prematurely, for the driver who will no doubt be traumatised and for the witnesses. I don’t know any of them. But I couldn’t help wondering about it all.***

***Please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 if you require mental health support***

Until next time,

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