You know you are the second born child

second born child

Following from last week’s post on being a first-born, I thought it was only fair to talk about being a second born child. Or a younger child. So here’s how you know you are the second born child:

The hand-me-down: Almost every thing you owned was a hand-me-down. Clothes? Your sister wore them first {Awkward sometimes if you are a boy}. Your pram? Your brother had it first. Your toys? Older siblings got there first.

The comparison factor: Being the younger one, you probably got used to the ‘Why can’t you be more like [insert older sibling’s name]?’ God forbid your older sibling was smarter or prettier or funnier than you. Then you probably got told ‘Your sister did so well in her HSC. What happened to you?’ or ‘How did you turn out to be so fat when your brother is so skinny?’ It’s probably worse if you ended up in the same school {which I’m sure my sister was thankful we were not!}

The not-so-first time: By the time you come along, your parents have pretty much seen it all. Your older sibling made history when they took their first step, smiled their first smile, threw up the first time or said ‘mama’ for the first time. When you do it, your parents have been there, done that.

The over-it parents: The other thing that your parents are over is taking photos. With the first born child, they probably took photos of the first poo, the first wee, the first spoonful of crap baby food. But with you, there are random sporadic photos. And you probably didn’t exist between your first birthday and your eighth when you started complaining about no photos of yourself!

The servant: You probably got bossed around a lot by your older sibling. Fetch me a glass of water. Can you bring my books from the room? Tell mum I’m coming home late. Until perhaps, you got physically bigger than them or were just able to stand up for yourself.

The crying wolf: As the second born, you generally had your age to your advantage. If your sibling threatened to hurt you physically in any way, all you had to do was cry out loud and every adult within a 10 km radius would come to your rescue as you were the little one. Thereby, letting the first born cop the blame.

So what do you reckon? Have I missed anything? I am looking at this through the eyes of a first born so chances are, I’ve missed something.

Are you a second born child?

What other things did you have to put up with?

Do share!

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