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September 2014

  • Life

    Are we done yet?

    A spark inside me has been slowly fading over the past few months. It has been with regards to my work. It started in harmless ways. Feeling lethargic at work. Procrastinating.…

  • Life

    Flatmate Frustrations

    A couple of weeks ago, my reasonably new flatmate who moved in around the second week of August mentioned to me that she got a job back down the coast where…

  • Humour

    30 Letter Series: Dear Crush

     Dear Crush, I have been following you for the last 18 months or so. Some say I’m obsessed. Others just think I’m nuts. But I, I am in awe of you.…

  • Flash Fiction

    Can I eat this

    The gooey chocolate mud cake was making eyes at me. I could see him trying to tempt me, the tease! But I wouldn’t succumb. Willpower. After all, the scales screamed seventy…

  • Humour

    You know you are the second born child

    Following from last week’s post on being a first-born, I thought it was only fair to talk about being a second born child. Or a younger child. So here’s how you…