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V is for Valued living #atozchallenge

In my work as a psychologist, one of the therapies I tend to practise is Acceptance and Commitment therapy. I think I like it because it really spoke to me. ACT talks about how suffering is a part of life and we need to accept those things that are out of our control. Through acceptance comes change.ย Simultaneously, we need to also commit to action that enhances our lives. And usually, the only way to live a meaningful life is to do so in accordance to our values.


It’s important to actually take a moment to reflect on your values. Only then can we act according to them. For instance, I value my health and in order to live according to this value, I see to it that I exercise most days and eat relatively healthy meals. I also value relationships and connections with others. To this end, I see to it that I keep in contact with my close friends and maintain those friendships. Even if it means going out of my way at times.

Apart from that, my values of integrity and honesty ensure that I remain genuine in my interactions and in my work. I value courage and to this end, I am willing to get out of my comfort zone and be okay with who I am.

It’s important to know yourself in order to know what you value. The decisions will become easier and courses of action will be easier to decipher.

It’s only through knowing our values can we really live life and stop existing. It’s through this we take active interest in what we do or what we choose not to. Our values can change just as we grow and evolve. This only continues to lead us on this journey called life.

What are some of your values and how do you live them?

Do share!

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