A to Z Challenge Life lessons

Q is for the Quintessence of life #atozchallenge

What is the quintessence of life? I would say most of what I’ve blogged about in this challenge so far would qualify. To live a courageous life. To be able to dive in and take a chance. To explore the world we live in. To live in the moment. And to enjoy the little things.

If the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty taught me anything, it was to make the most of life. To have the courage to live it. And not just exist. Which is what set me on the path to writing about living life as a theme for this challenge.


I even have the above on my desk at work. It’s a way to remind me that while I do love my work, I also need to live my life. I need to take holidays and wander. I need to love with all my heart and laugh out loud. I need to savour every moment and make new connections.

We only have one life.

Why waste it by just existing?

For me, making the most of life is the quintessence of life.

What’s the quintessence of life for you?

Do share!

***This post is part of the April A to Z Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. You can read my previous posts here***

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