The Month That Was

The month that was February 2014


It’s that time of the year to reflect back on another month gone by and welcome the new month. It’s the first day of autumn in the southern hemisphere today folks and I’m off camping this weekend. And hoping the rain doesn’t come down too hard!

February just flew by! I started the month hosting a BBQ for friends and was quite happy at the turn out. The second weekend in Feb saw me go hiking on one of the most difficult tracks I’ve ever done in 35 degree plus heat. The result was heat exhaustion and having to take a couple of days off work. February is considered the month of lurve but for us singletons, it’s a day to celebrate with other singles and my friends and I did it in style. In Feb, I caught up with a friend from school when she visited Sydney. It’d been 9 years since we’d last met! My friend C also visited Sydney and we caught up a couple of times. She leaves back for London tomorrow. February wasn’t the best month for me health-wise. Apart from the previously mentioned heat exhaustion, my sinuses continued to act up and I have been way too tired! Resulting in me badly needing a holiday. On the plus side, I applied for two weeks of leave in May and will definitely be having a much needed break! It helps also because I also found out some tragic news about an ex-client of mine. And my current ones continue to be quite difficult too.

So yes, it’s been a jam-packed 28 days with ups and downs. The last week was pretty bad for my exercise but I’m hoping to get back on that from Monday! March will start with a camping trip as I previously mentioned but I am also officially starting the 100 Happy Days Challenge on Instagram. It’s because I’ve had some down days and thought it might be a good idea to look at the silver linings. My sister had mentioned it to me ages ago but I was worried about not being able to do it when out camping and therefore, out of network. If you are keen, do follow my progress.

How was February for you?

Do share!

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