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The month that was November

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Image source: Here

As we reach the final month of 2013, I get to look back at the 11th month of the year. November was another busy month for me — seems to be the flavour of the year in fact. November saw me going to Jervis Bay for a camping trip {which I haven’t blogged about yet!} and also complete a beautiful 25 kilometre coastal walk along Kiama. I headed back down the coast on the final weekend of this month to celebrate Christmas with my friends at Hyams Beach. Given that I only got back last night, I haven’t had a chance to upload photos or blog about it but it will be up shortly.

Apart from the gorgeous outdoors, November has been busy for me at work with some clients being extra-stressful. Personal and social life have both been enjoyable and full-on. Once again though, my sleep has been adversely impacted and I have got to get myself back on track. I have been trying to live in the moment but occasionally struggled with the same. I’ve been indulging in a bit too much of good food and wine. Luckily, I’m keeping up the exercise to try and balance out the weight! November was good in terms of the cricket — we won the first Ashes test and hopefully, this will be a kickstart for the rest of the series. Sadly though, it also came to light that one of the English cricketers was battling mental health problems. I am glad that it was talked about thereby helping to increase awareness.

I can see December being a bit of a blur given that we will be wrapping things up at work, going to number of Christmas lunches through work, Christmas picnic with my girlfriends and well, planning my trip to Mount Kosciuszko with other bushwalkers. It also means a month and a bit before I turn 30 and I need to reflect on my 35 by 35 list. Christmas day looks likely to be spent at home relaxing after a workout, packing for the Mount Kosciuszko trip the next day and well, if the weather is good, a morning at the beach. As for New Year’s Eve — I still haven’t thought that far ahead.

What have you got planned for the final month of 2013?

How was November for you?

Do share!!!

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