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With Trott’s admission comes awareness

Image source: Here

Image source: Here

Jonathan Trott. English cricketer. Pretty good batsman.

Earlier this week, Trott left the Ashes tour to return home to his family for a “stress-related illness’. Soon after, it was revealed that he was suffering from mental health problems. Resulting in other cricketers such as Steve Harmison coming out with their own struggles with mental health. Several years ago, Marcus Trescothick was another English cricketer who left a series for similar problems. But not much was spoken about it then.

Today, I see things changing.

Slowly but steadily.

I don’t claim to know what it must be like for a professional sports player struggling with their mental health to be away from their main support systems while there are millions watching their every move. Including the media that is willing to rip through them with a knife the minute they sense any form of weakness. That might be a bad shot in the game of cricket. Or an atrocious game with the ball. It is like living in a fish bowl. One where there is no place to hide. But maybe this is the way to help the rest of the world too.

To let other men admit they have a mental health problem.

To de-stigmatise mental health.

To actually show that it is strong and not weak to ask for help.

I hope Jonathan Trott comes back. For his sake and cricket’s sake.

And I do sincerely hope he manages to deal with the demons in his head.

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