Dear Teenager,


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Dear teenager,

The sadness I see
In your eyes
The one hidden from others
By plastering a smile
Putting on a brave face
For the world to see
Your pain is evident
In sessions with me

You try not to cry
You try not to break
For you know if you start
More than an hour it’d take
To gather your thoughts
To sift through the pain
To say it out loud
Would make it real again

All I want to tell you
Is that things will get better
As clichéd as it sounds
Your pain does matter
I try and leave you at work
But to no avail
Memories of your hurt
With me still stay

But I will be here for you
To listen and to help
To not judge your actions
Nor your intents
I will validate your feelings
And not be dismissive
And hope that together
We can get you through this


Your psychologist

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  • Janine
    19 November 2013 at 10:57 am

    This resonates with me so much as we are working through things with someone at the moment.
    Janine recently posted…Limiting BeliefsMy Profile