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October 2013

  • Book Reviews

    Book Review: The Tulip Eaters

    …by Antoinette van Heugten. Nora de Jong returns home from work one day to find her mother, Anneke murdered and her infant Rose missing. The only clue is a dead man…

  • Life

    I am a geek

    This is a sponsored review for MobileZap Well, sort of. I’m an Android fan. More importantly, I am a Google fan. You see, I own a Google Nexus phone (by Samsung)…

  • Life

    Living Life

    photo credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc I feel like I have been neglecting this space. I used to average about 4 posts a week but this month, I’m down to…

  • Out and About

    Walking the Six Foot Track

    Over the October long weekend, I hiked the Six Foot Track {in reverse} for three days and camped over two nights with a lovely group of people. We started off on…

  • Life

    The dish ran away with the spoon

    One of my least favourite household chores has got to be doing the dishes. {In addition to vacuuming, that is}. I don’t really know why. Maybe it has to do with…

  • Poetry


    photo credit: ♥KatB Photography♥ via photopin cc   She looked in the mirror And all she could see Was a person so hideous And of love, completely unworthy She was inherently…