The Month That Was

The month that was August


I almost didn’t blog today after walking almost 32 kilometres today. But then I remembered it’s the first of the a new month. The first day of spring. And I just had to recap the month of August!

August was a great month in many ways. Extremely busy but with several wonderful moments. I did some amazing bush walks including Stanwell Park to Austinmer and the other way around, Cronulla to Botany Bay as well as climbed Mount Kiera. I have now become one of the assistant organisers for a meet up group I belong to and this gives me the opportunity to actually organise bush walks. And so far, two walks in, I’m enjoying it! August also marked the month when I realised I could go to concerts on my own. I saw Karnivool and was again totally smitten by Ian Kenny.

This August also marked 12 months since I started my lifestyle change with regards to my health. I am loving my lifestyle filled with fitness, reasonably healthy eating and being outdoors. I also realised there were a few things I needed to do to make new friends. And so far, some of them seem to be working as I had a weekend away with some new friends. I have also now become a regular at a coffee shop and love starting my mornings with the gym and then a chat with the two lovely owners of the cafe. I watched a couple of plays in August including one on Freud and one to do with India.

I also had some burning blogging-related issues this past month: blogging using a pseudonym, finding out my passion with regards to blogging and what it is to be successful. The final week in August was marred a bit by me being involved in a car accident. Resulting in a lot of running around later in the week and not feeling like blogging too much. However, I am grateful to have not been hurt.

September is a busy month ahead. I go on my very first camping trip next weekend and then I’m off to the Gold Coast for the ProBlogger Conference the weekend after. Busy, busy times!

But I am super excited about it all.

How was your August? 

Do share!

Until next time,


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