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July 2013

  • Fiction

    The Kitchen Table

    It was the heart of the room. The one place where everyone gathered for an hour each evening; the most peaceful hour in his day. The only sounds that could be…

  • Out and About

    Travel Tales: Port Stephens

    If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I had a pretty good time at Port Stephens. So here’s my chance to tell you all about my trip. You…

  • Gratitude

    The Sounds of Silence

      Birds chirping. Waves crashing. Feet thudding on concrete. Shoes squeaking on the sandy beach. Crickets calling. Crows cawing. Leaves rustling. The odd car whirring. Seagulls screeching. Dogs barking. Thoughts whispering.…

  • Book Reviews

    Book Review: Last man in tower

    …by Aravind Adiga. Vishram Society, Vakola. The site sought after by builder Dharmen Shah to demolish and rebuild a new development in its place. The residents of both Tower A and…

  • Out and About

    Travel Tales: Jenolan Caves

    As I mentioned previously, my holidays officially began with a weekend trip to Jenolan. This was organised as part of one of the meetup groups for adventure caving. Since I’d never…

  • Out and About

    Off to Port Stephens

    My week of rest and relaxation officially began on Saturday with a weekend trip to Jenolan Caves. It was incredible and I’ll be writing a whole post on it later. Today…