The Month That Was

The month that was May

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Image Source: Here

We are nearing the half-way mark people! It’s the start of June today. 5 months down of 2013 and 7 more to go. So far though, I’m loving  2013 so far despite it being pretty hectic and busy.

May was another month that was a bit of a blur. It just sped by especially since I have been pretty busy. Work has picked up big time with me seeing an influx of high risk clients. I always wonder why that comes in waves. One of the first weekends in May saw me walk a whopping 35 kilometres through wonderful bushland. I have to do that again sometime soon. I also had some enjoyable times down the coast and doing some walks in Sydney. Best of all, I saw Birds of Tokyo live in concert and swooned at seeing Ian Kenny in the flesh. I love him!

I also dealt with a lot of anxiety in May and felt that my life had become somewhat of a soap opera. And I was not happy to be cancelled on a few times this month. I also found out that I’m being talked about a lot at work by people who are not in my team. Mainly around my weight loss. But to be honest, I’m over it as I’ve just put it down to jealousy on their part.

I’ve done some other fun stuff this month which I haven’t actually blogged about. One of those is indoor rock climbing. Done it a couple of times now and thoroughly enjoy it. Will blog about it shortly. And in other news for May, I had a new flatmate move in last weekend. So far she seems quite nice and friendly and I think I’ve gotten to know her better than my 3 previous flatmates. Go figure.

I am looking forward to June…especially the long weekend next week. I desperately need some rest and relaxation. June seems to be another busy month. But hopefully somewhere along the line, I’ll find some balance.

So how was May for you?

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