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I have been rock climbing

Image Source: Here

Image Source: Here

Over the last three Mondays I have been going indoor rock climbing. It’s funny how I’d hearing about it in the last few months. Starting with The English Guy talking obsessing about it and then my friend N suggesting it and then, a lady in my bushwalking group as well talking about the same. Finally, my friend N sent out an email to her work friends and us {J, C & me} inviting us to go rock climbing after work. was overseas at the time. C is scared of heights.

But me, I am always up for a challenge and to try something new.

And well, three Mondays ago, I did.

I ended up inviting a friend from my bushwalking group {The Aussie Guy} as he lives close to where I work and he’s come along for the last three weeks.

I just want to say this: Indoor rock climbing is fun!

Initially I wasn’t sure how I’d go with things being so high up. But you know what? I’m fine! I love the feeling of scaling walls and the challenge of figuring out a path to get to the top. We have been pushing ourselves to accomplish levels we probably couldn’t achieve the week before. My finest moment probably was during our second week when I managed a path that The Aussie Guy couldn’t. Little 5 foot me managed to get right to the top when his 6 foot frame could not. I had a fun time rubbing that in. 🙂 One thing I realised with climbing is that you really have to trust your partner. You don’t want to be climbing with some dick head because then you are less likely to feel confident while scaling the walls. Sure you are harnessed in but that trust is a big thing.

Indoor rock climbing is also a bloody good workout. It’s pretty much a whole body workout. Your arms, your legs and your core are all challenged. To the point where I haven’t been going to the gym on Tuesdays as a result.

We’ve been climbing at the Villawood gym. Which is very convenient for me as it’s a 4 minute drive from work.

This Monday being a long weekend we are taking a break. But I’ll be back there Monday week scaling those walls again. And trying to go up a level from my current one.

Have you ever tried indoor rock climbing?

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