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April 2013

  • Life

    The sort-of long weekend

    With the Anzac Day public holiday on Thursday, I decided to take my ADO on the Friday to extend my weekend. Unfortunately, I still had to work on Saturday at my…

  • Book Reviews

    Book Review: Freedom

    …by Jonathan Franzen. Meet the Berglunds. They are a middle-class American family living in St. Paul, Minnesota. The book follows their lives through the last few years of the 90s to…

  • Gratitude

    The kindness of strangers

    Every now and then there are moments in my life where I meet people who amaze me. They make me seriously question my cynicism about the world {which, to be honest,…

  • Life

    How to save money as a uni student

    This is a sponsored post for Campus Book Rentals It’s been 5 years and 3 months since I finished university. And about 2 years since I have been contemplating going back…

  • Healthy Living

    Why I still go to the gym

    The next time someone tells me to “stop going to the gym” or to “stop exercising“, I’m going to scream and pull my hair out. Since August 2012, I have lost…

  • All about the mind

    Pick me up

    I was feeling a bit restless yesterday. Partly because the weekend ended and partly due to some issues at work. And then I read this post which made me think about my…