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March 2013

  • Life lessons

    On being spontaneous

    I have been a planner most of my life. You know the type: the one who makes lists, lives by diaries, ticks things off once they are complete and gets a…

  • Feminism Fodder

    My Rape advisory to men in India

    Apparently the UK issued a rape advisory to its women for travelling to India. While I understand countries issue advisories to their own citizens travelling to other countries, it frustrated me…

  • Life

    Dating Diary – Science boy

    I realise I haven’t written much in the whole dating diary thing post The Writer. There are a couple of reasons for that. One being I’ve only been on one date.…

  • All about the mind

    Bullying. No Way.

    Bullying is an epidemic during childhood and adolescence. And as an epidemic, it has only grown and changed. Once upon a time bullying mainly involved verbal bullying {name-calling and the like},…

  • Humour

    5 valuable lessons I learnt from my parents

    This is a sponsored post for Music Magpie. Growing up with parents who were extremely neat and tidy {read: obsessive-compulsive!}, made for an interesting and often frustrating childhood. However, there was…