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Write for Rights

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Yesterday, I attended the Write for Rights event organised by the St. George and Sutherland Shire Local Amnesty Action group. This is an event organised in different parts of the country and the world as part of Amnesty. Basically, we get together to write letters on behalf of people whose human rights have been violated.

For instance, Nasrin Satoudeh in Iran. She has been unfairly jailed for being a human rights lawyer in her country. Or the punk rock group Pussy Riot in Russia who were jailed for daring to express their views on the political issues in their country. Or Azza Hilal Ahmad Suleiman of Egypt who was assaulted and has not yet received any form of justice. As part of the event I attended, they also had a speaker, Amrita Kapur, a lecturer at UNSW and an expert in International Human Rights law. She is also an advocate for women’s rights and given that yesterday was the International day for the elimination of violence against women, her talk for all the more relevant.

More than anything, I wanted to be part of this event because I am grateful for how good I’ve got it in life. Sure I whinge about things. Sure there is still inequality in terms of gender and I have to face that on occasions. But in the scheme of things, I’ve got it pretty damn good.

I have not been unfairly jailed like Nasrin Satoudeh or Hussain Salem Mohammad Almerfedi.

I have not been displaced forcibly from my home like the people of Tawergah in Libya.

I have not been raped and killed like 15 year old Maria Isabel Franco.

What I have is a voice. And a pen. To be able to write and hope that something is done for all these individuals out there whose human rights have been grossly violated.

And so, I ask you readers, to check out your local Write for Rights and pledge your support to these individuals. For those not in Australia, please google a local event. It is something that won’t take up much of your time but can mean something so much for another human being.

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