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Week 3 of 12WBT

Week 3 was NOT good with my exercise regime at least. Monday I was still struggling with my health. Tuesday I felt a bit better and went to the gym for a toning workout. But I think I overdid it. I had a blinding headache the rest of the day to the point where I had to force myself to have a piece of toast for dinner given that I was taking antibiotics and panadol for the headache. Unfortunately for me, the headache continued till Thursday.

I decided not to go to the gym on Friday and Saturday either because I thought I’d give myself time to recover. Needless to say, my weight has not dropped. Thankfully, it hasn’t increased either as I have stuck to the diet.

At one stage during the week, I was so dejected being sick and unable to work out, I almost wanted to give up. I did have thoughts of just going out and buying really bad food to indulge and drown my sorrows in. I am glad I did not.

I really hope Week 4 has better things in store for me.

Until next time,


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