August Photo-A-Day Challenge: Days 21 to 31

And the final round of this month’s photos are here:

Day 21 – Cool
 Day 21: A cup of green rose tea to warm me up on a cool winter’s night

Day 22 – Home
 Day 22: Home sweet home. It’s a great joy to come back to this after a stressful day

Day 23 – Pair
 Day 23: My new pair of red glasses [even though you can’t really tell the colour through the pic!]

Day 24 – Path
 Day 24: The path of destruction left by the kitties

Day 25 – Fresh
 Day 25: Freshly squeezed orange, apple and strawberry juice. Using my new juicer

Day 26 – Dream
 Day 26: The two kitties off in their own dreams

Day 27 – Tap
 Day 27: Tap. In the kitchen

Day 28 – Clock
 Day 28: Clock. Tells me the time in the lounge room

Day 29 – Down
 Day 29: Feeling down due to some family stuff

Day 30 – Card
 Day 30: My gym swipe card

Day 31 – Hidden
Day 31: Pebbles hidden in the couch cushions

And that’s it! Photo-A-Day August is officially completed! I must admit I wasn’t as organised this time around as the previous months. I think that’s because I didn’t save the list on my phone as I had done the previous times. It makes it so much more easier when it’s done that way. All the photos were taken on my phone and edited on Instagram. If you wish to follow any other photo challenges or just love seeing pics of my kitties and food, do follow me @psychbabbler

P.S I have been having some problems with Blogger blogs (custom domain or otherwise) loading on my computer at home and consequently have not been able to comment on other blogs or reply to comments on my own. It’s been going on for a week or more. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this! So apologies if I haven’t responded to comments. 

Until next time,


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  • Geetanjali
    2 September 2012 at 12:01 pm

    I like the idea of a photo a day challenge! It looks like so much fun! I should like to try it sometime 🙂