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Book Review: The Fix

…by Nick Earls.

Josh is a 20-something journalist living in Brisbane. Having returned from London, he is now trying to eke out a living by writing a blog for a newspaper. So yes, he is a journalist in the loosest sense of the word. Additionally, he is a freelancer who engages in PR stunts. Josh is enlisted by his brother to assist with publicising Ben Harkin. Ben, a lawyer, who was in the process of receiving a bravery award for an act of bravery about 18 months prior. An act that involved saving the life of his boss Frank Ainsworth in a siege situation. Ben, who used to be Josh’s best friend. Ben, who slept with Josh’s girlfriend back when they were in university. As this awkward reunion begins, Josh has to try and be an adult and a professional. During all this, he meets a girl. At a strip club of all places. Hayley. Who also happens to be a law student. However, something is not right with the story of the siege and Josh’s journalistic instincts start to fire.

This is a part-detective, part contemporary fiction and has a few laughs. Josh is an interesting character — awkward, socially inept, wears his heart on his sleeve and is generally quite likeable. Ben is a character I felt a bit ambivalent about. While Hayley is quite likeable. The scene when Josh first meets Hayley is a big laugh. In terms of depth and meaning, I guess I wasn’t able to find anything big. There is a message about being true to yourself and the difficulty in doing the right thing.

It’s a decent read if you have nothing else.

My rating:

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