June Photo-A-Day Challenge: Days 1 to 10

Day 1 – Morning
Day 1: The highlight of every morning — my cup of coffee!
Day 2 – Empty
Day 2: An empty food bowl. Which needs to be re-filled asap
Day 3 – On my plate
Day 3: Lots and lots of reports to complete today
Day 4 – Close up
Day 4: Close up of my gym shoes. Hit the gym after a month!
Day 5 – Sign
Day 5: A weird sign in Melbourne where they have this thing called Hook turns.
You actually turn right from the left lane!
Day 6 – Hat
Day 6: I don’t wear or own any hats. So this has to do!
Day 7 – Drink
Day 7: Enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate after dinner with a friend. Perfect for winter nights
Day 8 – Six o clock
Day 8: Anticipating this glass of red kept me driving at 6 p.m.
Day 9 – My view today
Day 9: My view from the couch at home while watching DVDs and drinking a hot cup of tea
Day 10 – Best bit of your weekend
Day 10: Gulab jamuns at Kammadhenu (Newtown).
Had a lovely day watching a movie at the Dendy and then lunch at Kammadhenu with a friend

All photos were taken on my phone and edited via Instagram. You can follow me on there: @psychbabbler

Until next time,


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