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Book Review: Still Alice

…by Lisa Genova.

Alice Howland is a 50 year old Harvard Professor in cognitive psychology. In addition to being gifted in her field, she is also a mother of three adult children Anna, Tom and Lydia, and wife to John Howland, a science professor. Things start to get difficult for Alice when she begins to get disoriented and forget simple day to day things. She is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s and her world is turned upside down. As she spirals further into dementia, Alice struggles to live in the present and to keep the cherished memories of the past. For an individual who placed much of her self-worth in her knowledge of cognitive psychology and her brilliant research, Alice now has to cope with new difficulties along with her relationship with her husband and children.

From the outset, I must say, I loved this book! This is the author’s debut novel and while touching on the science of early-onset Alzheimer’s she manages to get into the head of someone suffering from the same. It is a month-by-month account of how quickly this debilitating disease can get hold of your life. You feel Alice’s pain while at the same time understanding her children and husband’s pain which is completely different to hers. You dread the spiral. In some ways, although you know what’s coming, you keep hoping against hope that it doesn’t happen that way. Lisa Genova really manages to drag you into the story so you become part of it. Personally too, given that one of my biggest fears is my cognitive decline, this book highlighted what could possibly happen. And I guess, all I can hope for is that it doesn’t. While at the same time, I understand there are people out there who are victims of this and this book helps us understand just what life is like for them.

I highly recommend you read this.

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