Procrastination Problems

Have you ever noticed how you will do anything and everything in your power to put off doing something that is boring?

I have had this problem since uni days. I remember I would procrastinate before starting any assignment and the best way to do so was cleaning and organising! You wouldn’t think it’s a problem that would still exist for me. But it does. Especially when I am trying to write reports or any kind of work-related paperwork. I astound myself with my procrastination skills!

This weekend my plan was to complete some of my reports. I have 5 pending. How far along am I?

Still half-way through the first.


Here are some of the things I’ve done today to avoid working on my reports:

  • I’ll read just one chapter of the book I’m currently reading. After all, everyone needs a break.
  • Need a cup of mint tea to refresh me
  • Need something to eat
  • Let’s play with the kitties! [I’ve learnt that they are the best way to procrastinate. Even when they are asleep!]
  • Blogging
  • Reading others’ blogs
  • Reviewing random blogs via indiblogger
  • Toilet break
  • Read just one more chapter of the book first mentioned
  • Shower
  • Watch TV for few minutes
  • Check what kittens are up for adoption
  • Tweet
  • Randomly check facebook every few minutes. Don’t put anything there on your own page
  • Look for new widgets I can add to my blog
  • Do the laundry
  • Do the dishes
  • Make something to eat
  • Make another cup of tea. Or should I make coffee this time?
  • Play with the kitties. Again
  • Do my nails
  • Try and remove some of the fleas on my babies
  • Read the book again
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Blog

And consequently, despite being up at 6 in the morning, I am only half-way through my first report. I almost took a nap right now but decided I would ‘reward’ myself with one after I finish this first report.

So the plan is to finish that report in the 15 minutes after I post this piece. And then take a nap.

Unless of course, I am just tempted to check for comments on this post.

Procrastination. Why must you be so tempting?

What are some things you guys do to procrastinate? 

 Not that I need more tips.

Until next time,


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  • theconjecturegirl
    1 April 2012 at 5:03 am

    Share the guilt 😛

    Ummm .. how do I do to procrastinate?
    1. Take “power naps” to ‘recharge’ and work.
    2. Just lie down for a while, close eyes, and gather my thoughts – or think on a research problem. You can guess where this ends.
    3. Download research papers – everything that I can find on that topic. . Of course, never to be read. This can easily go on for an hour.

    U mean this wdn’t end with uni?? Unfair! x-(

  • lifeinametropolis
    1 April 2012 at 8:51 am

    I love procrastinating!!!! Such a great thing!!! 🙂 Lately, I am totally into checking out everything that has to do with interior design, photography and recipes!!!! I could spend hours doing that!

    Another great way to distract myself from whatever I have to do is Pinterest! I probably spend around 2 hours per day on this new social network! 🙂

  • Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu
    1 April 2012 at 2:19 pm

    LOL! You are funny! 😀

    I use more or less similar procrastination techniques, except that I don’t have any kitties to play with.

    But blogging, tweaking (or “fine tuning”, as I call it) the blog design, reading other people’s blogs, Facebook-ing, distracting my mind with food/tea/coffee, taking up household chores, picking up random books to re-read… these are some of the things I usually do when I don’t want to do something that I need to do.

    Going through old birthday cards and letters is another useless activity I indulge in. So is calling up random friends on phone. Once long ago, I was hooked to yahoo messenger. But thankfully, that phase is over. Though I have joined the Twitter bandwagon again recently!

    Btw, I agree with lifeinametropolis… procrastinating is a wonderful thing. 😀

  • R's Mom
    2 April 2012 at 3:38 am

    Errr…but but is this procrastinating…I thought this was serious WORKING!! you break my heart PB… :):)

    Big hugs

  • Srinidhi
    2 April 2012 at 3:50 am

    I usually watch an episode of something. 😛 Which basically means I am procastinating for 45 minutes 😛 I usually clean 😛 or read book 😛 Or randomly dance around my house 😀

    I love procastination 😀 Its cool 😀

  • Niraj
    2 April 2012 at 5:45 am

    Had a nice read!Yes we all procrastinate.Well I do that more so when I am unclear or not exactly sure what I need to do.
    My ways -sitting on the chair and staring the wall.Lying down on the couch, reading something,tea,coffee – anything but the task at hand !

  • Smita
    2 April 2012 at 6:24 am

    lol!!! I call myself the quuen of P but I see I have competetion!!! 😀

  • Reema
    2 April 2012 at 11:47 am

    ahh your procastination has filled up my Google reader 😛 😉

  • memoriesandmirages
    2 April 2012 at 2:23 pm

    reading. watching episodes of my fav shows. eating. napping. basically, doing anything but work…that’s my way too 😛

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