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Book Review: Theodore Boone

…by John Grisham.

Theo Boone is a 13 year old 8th grader living in the small city of Strattenburg with his parents Marcella Boone and Woods Boone, and his dog Judge. Both his parents are lawyers. But not the exciting kind. His father is a real estate lawyer while his mother is a divorce attorney. Theo thinks he’s a lawyer too. And some day, want to be a criminal lawyer in exciting trials. As the city of Strattenburg gears up for one of the biggest murder trials, Theo is excited and a bit of an expert. The prosecution doesn’t seem to have much of a case. And then, Theo is dragged into the middle of the case. Soon, he is the only one who knows the truth and needs to decide what to do before a murderer could walk free. And Theo wants to see justice served.
What does Theo know?
What will he do with the information especially if lives are at stake?
Will the murderer walk free?
To know all this, well, you have to read the book!
It’s a book for light reading and is one you can probably finish quite quickly. It keeps you hooked for most part and the characters are quite nice. Theo seems like a nice kid and you kind of want him to break through the barriers and see that justice is served. That being said, it’s nowhere near Grisham’s brilliant books like The Partner, A Time to Kill or The Client. But then again, I think this is a book for young adults and teens. It’s a nice little mystery with courtroom drama. Read it for an enjoyable read.
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