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January 2012

  • Life

    Rambunctious Ramblings

    Two cats might be better than one. I’m tempted to get another. I keep reading up on introducing a new cat to the household. Checking to see if I can financially…

  • Poetry

    Uncomfortable Feelings

    Image Source This feeling of dread Tells me something is wrongOr that something bad will happenSo that I’ll be unable to stay strongAnd everything I’ve doneWill matter no longAll I can…

  • Life lessons


    “Forgive and forget“. Apparently a mantra for us human beings if we want to continue living a reasonable life I suppose. I have been thinking about forgiveness lately. Especially after, coincidentally,…

  • Life lessons

    The Alternate Career

    N and I went to see Akmal Saleh’s stand-up comedy last night after I won a couple of tickets to the show. After the show, we had dinner and just conversed…

  • Book Reviews

    Book Review: A Cupboard full of Coats

    …by Yvvette Edwards. Jinx is a 30 year old adult woman still grappling with memories of her mother’s brutal murder fourteen years ago. The grief and the guilt consume her every…

  • Life


    I wish life had a re-start button. Barely 20 days into the new year and I wish I could go back to New Year’s Eve and re-start it. Why you ask?…