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Book Review: Esio Trot

…by Roald Dahl.
This children’s book by Roald Dahl features Mr Hoppy who is secretly in love with his downstairs neighbour, the widowed Mrs Silver. Unfortunately for him, Mrs Silver knows nothing about his feelings as she is too busy with her pet tortoise, Alfie. But then, Mr Hoppy finds a way in when Mrs Silver asks his help to make Alfie grow. It’s Mr Hoppy to the rescue all the way to a happy ending.
In this cute book for kids again, Dahl’s imagination really jumps out at you. The magical words passed on by Mr Hoppy to Mrs Silver to help Alfie grow is so very creative! And the manner in which Mr Hoppy helps Alfie grow. All in all, a humourous book with a very sweet and gentle touch which children would definitely fall in love with.
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