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June 2011

  • Life

    10 Day Challenge: Ten Secrets

    I decided to take on the 10 Day You Challenge after reading Richa’s and Prats’ post. I might occasionally have a different post in between attempting this challenge but I thought…

  • Life

    What a weekend!

    It seemed like a good idea at the time. To enrol for a 2 day course over the weekend. It meant not having to take time off work to attend professional…

  • Flash Fiction

    55 Fiction – Only mine

    I stared at the picture of my wife. So beautiful. So striking. I love her dearly. Passionately. And I thought she’d felt the same. Until I found the letters of her…

  • Life lessons

    The M word

    M stands for marriage. I cannot help but wonder — why is marriage considered to be such an essential step in life? During my recent trip to India, I did get…