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March 2011

  • Poetry

    The Black Dog

    They call it the black dogIt’s a euphemism, you seeIt’s not even close; it’s something With which you don’t want to be. It is a downward spiralInto a deep dark holeAnd…

  • Book Reviews

    Book Review: Sing you home

    ‘Sing you Home’ is the latest book by Jodi Picoult. It begins with Zoe Baxter, a music therapist by profession and her husband Max Baxter eagerly awaiting the birth of child…

  • Poetry


    The scene was one to behold Cars scattered in the middle of the road Windscreens broken, glasses cracked Children screaming, as if attacked Sirens wailed as emergency crew appeared Trying to…

  • Book Reviews

    Book Review: Lord of the Flies

    Lord of the Flies is a modern literary classic written by William Golding. The book begins with a plane crashing into a deserted island and the only survivors are a group of British…

  • NaBloPoMo Soapbox Issues


    One thing that really gets my goat is hypocrisy. I am willing to accept that we are all possibly hypocritical in one way or another. Particularly if you think about the…