Ring, ring

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a girl who loved the telephone and could talk on it every single day for hours on end. However, things have now changed.

Yes, that’s right. When I was a school girl, I would come home after spending time at school from 9 till 4 and an hour later, would call up my friend. My mum would always ask me what we spoke about, given that we had just spent the entire day together. But for some reason, we were never short of topics to chat about. The same thing continued as I went on to college. The friends changed…but I still spoke to them almost every day. The school friends went to once a fortnight. College friends were the ones to whom everyday phone calls were made…to talk about work, play, gossip and everything else.

However, after coming to Australia, that changed. Not because I don’t have friends. But because I didn’t have a landline phone. And I’m not much of a talker on the mobile…I prefer texting instead. I spent the first few months without a landline and then, once I moved on-campus, the landline system was a bit more like a phone booth system — you needed a calling card. So I avoided it for most of the time. So it’s only since about January 2008 that I have had access to a decent landline phone.

The sad thing is that in this passage of time, I seem to have forgotten what it was like to use the phone every single day.

However, it doesn’t seem to be entirely my fault. One of my closest friends here and I talked more than once a week when at uni…using our mobiles (Vodafone special…free Vodafone to Vodafone calls). Once I finished uni, due to being busy with work, we try and call each other once a week at least…but again on mobiles. There have been times when my mobile is on silent and I have forgotten to change the settings…resulting in me missing her call. But I wonder — why not try the landline?

Have we all become so unaccustomed to using the landline?

I love the landline. The joy of speaking to someone for a long time for just 20 cents. Making national calls for just $2.00 (I have a close friend in Melbourne)

Despite this, I seem to forget that I can use the phone.

The reason behind this post — I spoke to a colleague who is currently on leave last night on the landline only because she reminded me that we could speak on that! Go figure!

So have mobile phones changed everyone else’s usage of the good old landline?

Or is it just me?

Until next time,


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  • MilesPerHour
    16 September 2009 at 1:57 am

    It used to be that if you couldn’t locate someone at home they might have a cell you could try. Now I see people using the landlines as a second option.

  • Richa
    16 September 2009 at 5:20 am

    We didn’t have phone growing up so can’t talk about those days (I grew up in a small town where phone was considered a luxury).

    But now I have Vonage and love it. It gives me free call to Europe as well as national calls. I talk to my friends most of the time I am at home. Moreover, my mobile service sucks inside the home or office so I prefer landlines…

  • Archana
    16 September 2009 at 5:35 am

    Yeah, the world is so mobile now that no one wants to sit in one spot and talk on the landline. They’d rather be doing a 1045 other things while also talking. Also, it’s so rare to bump into someone these days who actually has a landline. My parents still do, but I know a bunch of people that don’t. It’s all about the cellies, I guess.

  • Americanising Desi
    16 September 2009 at 8:03 am

    oh i miss my love life with the landline.
    me and my best friend just cudnt keep our hands off it!

    good old days

  • Psych Babbler
    16 September 2009 at 12:46 pm

    @ MPH: You have got that so right! Landlines are the second option….

    @ Richa: Oh…that service sounds good…and it’s great u prefer landlines

    @ Archana: Oh…I love to walk and talk…hence the cordless phone. But yeah…I heard recently here the sales for mobile phone plans with Telstra increased but for landlines reduced and people were even getting rid of them

    @ AD: Yeah…makes you feel old, doesn’t it? Thinking about the ‘good old days’ 🙂

  • BlueMist
    16 September 2009 at 6:19 pm

    hey first time here. 🙂 Lovely blog you have here.
    One thing these mobiles have done to me is I dont remember the telephone numbers any more. All the numbers have in phone book. one day mobile out of charge or not carried along I feel handicapped. The same me had all numbers by heart in landline days. 🙁

  • ani_aset
    17 September 2009 at 10:07 am

    i think you have a point there..but since i work..i generally end up using a lot of landline 🙂

  • Nu
    17 September 2009 at 2:30 pm

    Yeah, I agree with Ani. When at work I use the landline for every single call. And as BM has mentioned, the number game has just taken a toll on me since the mobiles are out in the markets… I can’t remember any number at all 🙁 Which sometimes is really bad !

    I also feel comfortable talking on land line phone for long calls..err..not land line actually..a cordless phone..due to it’s right length I can put it between my shoulder and ear and still keep doing my work with hands.. so that’s simpler and dual 🙂 While in mobile it’s a bit difficult to use the phone between shoulder and ear for a long time 🙁

    So i also prefer texting rather than long calls from mobile 🙂

    Hey so finally did you start using your land line or no ? eh ?