Three wishes

three wishes

three wishes


Last night in my dreams
A fairy came to me
With her wand dazzling in the dark
She looked as pretty as could be.

“You’ve been asking for a long time”
The fairy said to me
“And since you’ve been quite good,
We grant you wishes three.”

So saying, she gave her wand a twirl
And disappeared into the night
To grant other people wishes
Up until the morning bright.

I woke up to the chirping of the birds
And remembered the fairy after a minute or two
“Was it just a dream?” I wondered aloud
Well, there was only one thing to do!

I tried to think of what to wish for
Success, money, or wisdom
Or better still, a meeting with my idol
Or travelling round the world?

I could wish for the power of invisibility
Or the ability to fly
What would be really cool, though
Would be to read others’ minds!

As I sat there pondering
About the million things I could really ask for
I dwelled into my life and its happenings
As the minutes ticked by into hours.

I finally made a decision
Regarding my three wishes
With the future goals in my vision
I finally knew what I needed to ask for.

With the first wish I had
I decided to do something for the world
Something that would make people glad
So this is what I did

I asked that poverty be eradicated
By everyone having jobs
And to the same they be dedicated
And thus contribute further to the world.

It was now time for wish number two
And here I hesitated a bit
Should I ask something for every one
Or be selfish instead and take it?

I asked that wars be ended
So everyone can remain happy
And there be no biases against race or religion
And no one there in the minority

Finally I was down to wish number three
The last one I could ever use
And this time it’s got to be something for me
Something smart that I have to choose

I had thought long and hard
And then it came to me
I said to the fairy with a smile
Here’s my wish number three

I could have gone for money
But instead, I thought “Oh, for sure!”
“And for my final wish
I would like a dozen more”

I thought she would refuse
I thought she would get mad
I thought she’d say something
Like that’s wish I could never have had

Instead the fairy pondered
And said with a decided wave
“I can give you a dozen wishes
But use them wisely and keep them safe”

Till this day I have
About six more to go
And I have been using the wishes wisely
And sensibly keeping score

(c) Sanch Vee @ Sanch Writes (30 September 2008. Originally written when I was a teenager)

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