New Year: A time to look ahead

Well, it’s that time again. It’s a new year (so it’s 11 days into the new year but I’ve heard people wishing Happy New Year way into the first month!).

I always wonder what the new year holds in store for me and even though I do not believe in astrology, I generally look at what the year holds for me. Go figure! As always though, few months into the year and I’ve forgotten what the stars held for me and whether what is happening is actually in line with what I read.

This year is off to an ok start. I haven’t gotten lucky yet in terms of finding a job….who knew a driver’s license would be so essential? I’m trying my hardest not to get too depressed about it and figure that either there will be a desperate employer or I will be desperate enough to settle for any psychologist job to start off with and then make my way into my area of preference. And more importantly, with a job, I can continue getting driving lessons to get to my goal of obtaining a driver’s license!

On a brighter note, I ended 2007 with a trip to Coffs Harbour for three days and began 2008 with a trip to Newcastle. Enjoyed both of them immensely and was able to go out of Sydney after a long long time. So I’m stingy and generally spend my holidays being miserly but after finishing the degree I thought I needed a break and even though I don’t have money rolling in, I figured some of the savings would suffice.

For the New Year, do I have any resolutions? Umm…not really because I rarely stick to them. However, I do have goals —
1. Get a job
2. Get my driver’s license
3. Lose weight (as always…)
4. Try and become less negative/cynical and be a bit more optimistic

Maybe goals will be more achieveable as compared to resolutions.

Only time will tell.

Until next time,


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