Life lessons

Matter of choice vs destiny

Are our lives ruled by destiny or do we have a hand in it?

Do we choose what we want to do or is it already all mapped out for us?

It’s just something I’ve been thinking about…what of our lives have been planned out for us? To me that sort of says that no matter what we do doesn’t matter because the end result is already written and there’s no changing it. Would I like to believe that? No…

I guess what I’d like to believe is that while things have been written about our lives, we get to choose which path to take. It’s like one of those ‘solve-it-yourself’ mysteries where if you think one thing, you turn to a particular page but if you think the other way, you choose another page and thereby determine the ending of the book! That’s how I’d like to think our lives are set out. The universe has a rough draft…and depending on what road we choose to take, well, the outcome can go either way. I can see instances like that with my life.

One of the early examples I can take is of my choice of college. After 10th, I knew I wanted to do Arts and had applied in 3 colleges…2 of them gave me direct entry because of my percentage. I could have gone ahead with that but I chose to wait for the list to come out at St. Xavier’s — and it was obviously worth the wait ‘coz those 5 years at Xavier’s were amazing with incredible friendships formed and maintained as well as a good education! I guess there was a similar choice with uni in Australia. Some friends at home may remember how I was trying to decide whether or not I should go ahead with UWS or scrap the plan — well, I chose UWS and I must say I’ve been quite happy with my course, my friends and almost everything here. And there are soooooooo many more examples in my life but presently, I couldn’t be bothered to enumerate those!

I guess you could call me a ‘cynic’ for not believing in the power of the universe (for those of you who do believe in destiny) but I’d like to have a say in my life! I mean, what fun would there be if everything was happening or planned out in a manner to reach one end goal? So that, no matter what we did, we were heading in one particular direction?
So yeah…I ‘d love to believe that we have the power of choice in our lives!
And with that power, we can make our lives the way we want it…

I’ll end it with one of my favourite sayings which sort of implies we have control over our lives:

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending”

Till next time,


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